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Compiled below is a list of different ways to earn money via the Internet. I will never list websites unless I have personally experienced a good experience with them, and have been paid by them. So feel free to check all the sites out.

Please Remember:

INT = international users welcome. (Keep in mind while a lot of the sites welcome international users, the offers you can do are limited. So it'd be your best bet to join and then refer lots of people from the United States, so you can still make money.)
US = United States Only

US/CAN = United States/Canada only.

All the websites below welcome users 13 and up with parental consent, except where noted otherwise. In those cases, it will say 18+ only.

Treasure Trooper (INT)

Notes: This is a really fun site. There is a really good approval for freebies, as well as for the credit card offers. Probably the best approval rate for GPT sites, although their payout is a tad lower than some of the other GPT sites, but you can still make a fair amount of money. The site is easy to navigate. For each offer you complete, you have the opportunity to play a game to find the pearl. If you find the pearl under one of the shells, then for each offer that approves, you will get 1 pearl. Once you get 8 pearls you get 2 referrals. Which is a good way to get referrals if you don't know how to promote your link to people.

Cash Crate
Notes: They have a lot of offers overall. This is one of the few si
tes that has offers that international users can complete. On top of having a lot of offers to complete, their approval rate is pretty good, and fast at that. So I would definitely check this site out. Cash Crate has a pretty neat referral system. On top of what you make from your referrals earnings, for each person you refer that is from the US, you automatically make $1.

For all you skeptics out there that can't believe you can actually earn more than a few bucks using sites on the Internet, then below and you will see I have actually been paid either by PayPal or by check through a few different companies. If visually seeing that these sites do actually pay, don't convince you.. then I don't know what to tell you. But I certainly would not promote a site and/or continue to use a site if they didn't pay. And you will never have to pay a fee to use any of the sites I use to make money each month. They are 100% free!!


Here is a guide on how to properly get credited for the offers you complete. This guide is for the freebie offers that pay you anywhere from 50 cents to $1.50 on most sites.

1. Download a program called CCleaner. That program works wonders, believe me. It clears your cookies and most private data on your computer, which is necessary in doing the freebies. Clear cookies before you open your browser, then close your browser and clear cookies again, just to be safe. And you MUST clear cookies in between every offer. Otherwise an advertiser can see you already completed an offer so you won't get credit cause they'll see you as a duplicate lead.

2. Complete offers using Firefox or Internet Explorer. So if you have other browsers such as Opera, Safari or whatever else there is, don't use those browsers. For some reason cookies don't track good on any browsers except for IE and Firefox.

Download Firefox Browser from here:

3. If you can avoid using the AOL Browser, do. As directed above, use IE or Firefox.

4. Use a new email address for every offer you do. It might sound dumb, but trust me, it works. If an advertiser sees you trying to complete 10 different offers with the same e-mail, they will consider you a duplicate lead and you'll only receive credit probably for 1/10 of those offers. You can use sites like dodgeit.com to create disposable email addresses, meaning you dont have to register each email. You can just type in the email you want to use and it's created.

5. Most of the freebie sites will send you a confirmation e-mail. I don't know if actually confirming improves your chances, but it does some of the time. So confirm each email you get. Sometimes it's hard to tell what the confirmation e-mails look like, so just look for the site's name in the subject. Like an email from RC would say Rewards Castle in the subject.

6. On the offers where it says you have to do so many paid offers to advance and receive the gift, you don't. Just keep on clicking NEXT until you can not go any further and then you should receive credit.

You will have to give out personal information such as phone number, address and e-mail address. Sign up for a free phone number at privatephone.net. You won't get telemarketers calling your house 100 times a day. With privatephone, it's a voicemail number.

If you worry about being spammed with lots of mail at your home, don't worry. In the beginning I received a little mail, but not a whole lot. Maybe about 10-12 pieces a week.

To avoid being spammed with e-mail from different companies, seperate your person e-mail from the ones you use for offers.

Click here to sign up to CASHCRATE

Click here to sign up to TREASURE TROOPER

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